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CIC Directory of Leaders

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The 2019 Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee leaders and staff and a unique group of people from all over North America whose unified, collective goal is to provide the best possible Camporee experience. We are grateful to the following people for their support and commitment to this one-of-a-kind youth event, like none other.

Organizational Chart



Camporee Director, Fundraising Director
Assistant to the Director
Nick Miller
Lake Union Conference Attorney
Administration Director
Associate Administration Director
Camp Staff Coordinator
Margaret Gallant
Camp Staff Co-Coordinator
Finance Director, Business Office Manager
Food Concessions Coordinator
Barb Dunn
Legal Attorney
Serge Gedeon
Registration Coordinator
Website Coordinator
Staff Store Coordinator
Don Livesay
VIP/Hospitality Coordinator
Barbara Livesay
VIP/Hospitality Assistant Coordinator
TLT Volunteer Staff Coordinator
Special Needs Coordinator
Volunteer Staff Coordinator
Assistant Volunteer Staff Coordinator


Daytime Director, On-site Activities Director
Associate Daytime Director, Assistant On-site Activities Director
Drill and Drum Corps Event Coordinator
Exhibit and Hanger Coordinator
Off-site Activities Director
Dan Whitlow
Assistant Off-site Director
Special Events Director
Special Events Assistant Director
Prayer Tent Coordinator
Assistant Prayer Tent Coordinator
Community Service Coordinator
Compassion Ministry Coordinator
Rogers Johnson
Daily On-site Parade Coordinator
Jim Ingersoll
EAA Museum Coordinator
Rogers Johnson
Flag Ceremony Coordinator
Golf Tournament Coordinator
International Daytime Activity Coordinator
Top Club Chef Coordinator

International Guests

International Guests Coordinator
International Guests Associate Coordinator
James Yi
International Village Coordinator
Dania Luna
International Registration & Prayers
Jeffery Masengi
Village Management
Cathy Masengi
Village Management
Gretel Dupertuis
Village Hosting
Fiorella Oudri
Mapping & Activities
Sofia Oudri
Mapping & Activities
Marcia Azevedo
Village Hosting, Parade, & Activities
Rebekah Azevedo
Village Hosting, Parade, & Activities
Jephthah Ndhlovu
A/V Support, Activities, Worships
Nashonie Chang
General Conference Representative
Joshua Pazvakawambwa
A/V Support
Guangyao Li (Joseph)
Village Management

Main Stage

Main Stage Director
Ben Lundquist
Main Stage Assistant Director
Main Stage Administrative Assistant
Main Stage Administrative Assistant
Main Stage Dispatch Coordinator
Logistics Director
Norma Villareal
Backstage Tour Coordinator
Baptism Coordinator
Bible Story Producer
Jenny Shrestha
Bible Story Production Assistant
Christian Lighthall
Thomas Manu
Assistant Producer
Flags Ceremony Coordinator
International Prayers Coordinator
Music Coordinator
Brianna Payne
Stage Manager
Translation Coordinator
Project Support Manager
Assistant Project Director
Master Drum Corp Coordinator
Live Anchor Desk Host
Baron Williams
Camera Filming
Live Anchor Desk Host
Translator (Spanish)
Translator (Mandarin)
Translator (Portuguese)
Translator (Spanish)
Translator (Mandarin)
Herbert Hernandez
Translator (Spanish)
Josephine Nelson
Translator (Spanish)
Seth Dixon
Translator (Spanish)
Maria Elena Villasante
Translator (Spanish)
Freddy Rodriguez
Translator (Spanish)
Evelyn Gonzalez
Translator (Spanish)
Gladys Gonzalez
Translator (Spanish)
Diana Quintanilla
Translator (Spanish)
Martha Prudencio
Translator (Spanish)
Lilian Calisto
Translator (Spanish)
Keila DeOliveira
Translator (Portuguese)
Alexandre Vaez
Translator (Portuguese)
Vanessa Seifert
Translator (Portuguese)
Ignazio Barbuscia
Translator (Italian)
Hope Producer


David Mayor
Medical Director
Assistant Medical Director

Off-site Communications

Off-site Communications Director
Emergency Communication Coordinator
Associate Off-site Communications Director
Steven Vistaunet
North Pacific Union Communication Director
Ray Tetz
Pacific Union Communication Director
Brenda Dickerson
Mid-America Union Communication Director
Jessica L. Lozano
Southwestern Union Communication Director
Gary Burns
Lake Union Communication Director
R. Steven Norman III
Southern Union Communication Director
Ednor Davison
Atlantic Union Communication Director
Celeste Ryan Blyden
Columbia Union Communication Director
Stan Jensen
SDA Church in Canada Communication Director
Photography Coordinator
International Communication Coordinator

On-site Communications

On-site Communications Director
Associate On-site Communications Director
Volunteer/Dispatch Coordinator
Daily Newspaper Coordinator
Justin Jeffery
Daily Newspaper Design & Layout Editor
Daytime Activity Film Coordinator
Information Booth Coordinator
Sue Nelson
Lost & Found Co-Coordinator
Connie Bohlender
Lost & Found Co-Coordinator
Mobile PA Coordinator
Radio Station Coordinator
WiFi Coordinator
Michelle Hamel
2024 Camporee Promo Video Coordinator
Social Media Coordinator


Safety Director
Jim Oliver
Assistant Safety Director
Brenda Richards
Dispatch Coordinator/Office Manager
Jim Oliver
Safety Supervisor Medical Building
Lee Batton
Safety Supervisor Hangar Entrance
Ed Gonzales
Safety Supervisor Hangar Perimeter
Juan Gomes
Safety Supervisor Entrances
Ben Chow
Safety Supervisor Interior Patrol
Andres Lam
Safety Supervisor Radio & IT

Services / Facilities

Services Director, Stages, Equipment/Tools
Martin Bradfield
Associate Services Director
Associate Services Director, Trash Containers, Tents
Laura Becker
Golf Carts/Fuel

Youth Leaders

NAD Youth Directors

NAD Youth Director
NAD Associate Youth Director, NAD Pathfinder Director
Associate Youth/Young Adult Director

Union Youth Directors

Brian Wahl
Adventist Church in Canada Representative
Atlantic Union Representative
Paulo Macena
Columbia Union Representative
Lake Union Representative
Roger Wade
Mid-America Union Representative
Rob Lang
North Pacific Union Representative
Eddie Heinrich
Pacific Union Representative
Ken Rogers
Southern Union Representative
Helvis Moody
Southwestern Union Representative

GC Youth Directors

Gary Blanchard
GC Youth Director
Andres Peralta
Associate GC Youth Director, GC Pathfinder Director

Division Youth Directors

Gennady Kasap
ESD - Euro Asia Division Youth Director
Magulilo Mwakalonge
ECD - East Central Africa Division Youth Director
Marshall McKenzie
MENA - Middle East and North Africa Youth Director
Al Powell
IAD - Inter America Division Youth Director
Jonatan Tejel
EUD - Inter-European Division Youth Director
Sergey Gregorev
IF - Israel Field Youth Director
Tracy Wood
NAD - North America Division Youth Director
Nak Hyung (James) Kim
NSD - Northern Asia-Pacific Division Youth Director
Udolcy Zukowski
SAD - South America Division Youth Director
Carlos Campitelli
SAD - South America Division Youth Director
Busi Khumalo
SID - Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division Youth Director
Nick Kross
SPD - South Pacific Division Youth Director
Litiana Turner
SPD - South Pacific Division Associate Youth Director
Jobbie Yabut
SSD - Southern Asia-Pacific Division Youth Director
Mohan Masih Bhatti
SUD - Southern Asia Division Youth Director
Peter Bo Bohenson
TED - Trans European Division Director for Pathfinders
Alastair Agbaje
TED - Teens and Community Services Director
Zlatko Musija
TED - Senior Youth Ministry Youth Director
Ugochukwu Elems
WAD - West Central Africa Division Youth Director


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