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Daytime Activities

Includes all events, both On-site and Off-site, that occur during daylight hours.

On-site Activities & Honors

Throughout the day various on-site activities offer enriching programs for Pathfinders. Earn new honors, experience new adventures and skills, and check out special interest areas.

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Off-site Activities

An array of activities await Pathfinders and staff of all ages in the nearby Oshkosh community. Swim at the beach, or inside at the YMCA, visit the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Museum, a local dairy farm, or embark on a new adventure like sailing! Activities are held daily unless otherwise noted.

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Special Events

There are a number of special events that take place at the Camporee. These don't happen every day so check the Special Events page to find out the days and times.

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Drill Team & Drum Corp Competition

Precision drilling and expert drumming take center stage at this exciting event.

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Talent Stage

Pathfinders with a special talent or skill are invited to visit the Talent Stage and audition for a chance to perform on the daily Main Stage evening program. Registration is required at the Talent Stage prior to an audition. 

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Prayer was so important to David and he spent much time in prayer talking to God about his fears, challenges, mistakes, and for God's guidance.

At the Chosen Camporee, we want prayer to be a cornerstone for all that happens there. Friendships nurtured, growth opportunities encountered, knowledge acquired, requests on our hearts, and spiritual decisions made will only be enhanced if they are bathed in prayer.

View more about prayer opportunities & David's Palaces of Prayer & Praise

Paid Excursions

Enjoy day excursions to the Green Bay Packer Museum, Whitewater rafting, Wisconsin Dells water park & much more. You'll need to reserve and pay for these excursions yourself.

View more information about paid excursions.

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