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Club, Conference, Union, & Division Leaders Checklists

This page is dedicated to the local Club Director & staff, Conference, Union, & Division Youth Directors to help you in your planning for the International Camporee.  These suggested resources will help you prepare for the Camporee whether you have never been to a Camporee before or you are returning again.

Arrival Gate Entrances by Union

Please enter the Camporee grounds using the designated gate to get to your Union/Conference campground.


West Gate #1 (Use exit #116 on US HWY 41)- North Pacific Union, Southern Union, Atlantic Union


North Gate #2 (Use exit #116 on US HWY 41) - Mid America Union, Southern CA Conference, International Guests, Vendors, and Hangars


East Gate #3 (Use exit #113 on US HWY 41) - SDA Church of Canada, Lake Union


South Gate #4 (Use exit #113 on US HWY 41) - Columbia Union, Southwestern Union, Pacific Union


View the Camporee map for gate information.

Camporee Quick Reference Flip Chart

Each Youth/Club Director will receive a Camporee Quick Reference Flip Chart when they check in at Registration. It contains very important information at a glance.

View the Camporee Flip Chart.

Shower House Information for Union/Conference Youth Directors

Union Shower Monitoring Information

Shower Monitoring Schedules by Union

Columbia Union

Lake & North Atlantic Unions

Mid America Union

North Pacific Union

North Southern Union

North Southwestern & South Atlantic Unions

SDA Church in Canada & International

South Southern Union

South Southwestern & South Pacific Unions

Southern California

Contact Barry Becker

If you have any questions, please call 423-505-6415 or email

Check Lists

  1. Camping check list
  2. Check List for Local Club Directors
  3. Check List for Area Coordinators
  4. Check List for Conference Youth Directors
  5. Check List for Union Conference Youth Directors
  6. Check List for Division Youth Directors
  7. Sample Conference camping site plan
  8. Preplanning Guide for Conference/Union/Division/GC Officers
  9. NAD Registration Report
  10. International Registration Report
  11. Flag Display Information

Special Items for Conference/Union Youth Directors to remember to bring:

  1. Automated External Defibrillator (AED) machine – Please place this in your Conference/Union headquarters tent/camper.
  2. PA system for your morning worship at your Conference/Union campsite.
  3. Outdoor flags & stands - Country - Pathfinder - Christian - States/Province
  4. Parade Banner announcing your Conference/Union/Division
  5. First Aid Kit  & Fire Extinguisher
  6. SAMs Club, Costco & other store discount cards/numbers
  7. Tax exempt number or card for purchasing items such as groceries and supplies.
  8. Quiet generator for your charging station for cell phones, etc.

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