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Tracy Wood


At the age of 10, I became a Pathfinder and enjoyed the FUN of getting together once a week with friends in my club! The Dog honor was the first honor I earned followed by Cats, Flowers, Candles, Trees, Leather-craft, Birds, Music, Electricity, and more. It was so much FUN to be part of a Pathfinder club friends!

When I became a pastor I helped support the Pathfinder clubs of my churches. When our two boys were old enough they both became Pathfinders, which made me a Pathfinder parent! I learned how to make sure my Pathfinder kids were on time and wearing the correct uniform for each club meeting and all the events. We carved Pinewood Derby cars, made candles, worked on honors, and enjoyed bike-a-thons.

In 2005 I became the Pathfinder Director and my wife, Angelina, became the Adventurer Director for the Oregon Conference. With the help of the conference Pathfinder coordinators we worked closely with the NAD to update the Teen Leadership Training (TLT) Manual. Since then many TLTs have received scholarships for Teen Leadership Training from Adventist colleges around the North American Division.

Now we develop leaders to be effective and safe for children, youth, and young adult leaders. We treasure spending time with our children and grandchildren. We enjoy being outdoors hiking in forests or on the beach, flower gardening, backyard birding, motorcycling, reading books together, and spending time with family and friends. We are passionate about spending time with Jesus and helping young people get to know Him more!

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