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Kevin Costello

Pastor Kevin Costello (MG) currently serves as the Associate Executive Secretary of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (SSD).  His primary responsibility is to send missionaries from SSD to other divisions and to care for all of the denominational missionaries and volunteers that serve in SSD.  He also serves as the SSD Human Resource Director and cares for the policies and minutes of the Division.  His home has been in the Philippines for the past 11 years. 

Prior to serving in SSD, Pastor Kevin served in the Georgia-Cumberland Conference as Vice-President of Finance.  He has also served as a conference officer for the Oklahoma and Texico Conferences as well as the Guam-Micronesia Mission.

But Pastor Kevin’s passion has always been with Pathfinders.  He has served as a local club director for six different clubs (Bronx, NY; Joshua, TX; Majuro, Laura, and Namu-Namu in the Marshall Islands; and Guam) and as the Pathfinder Director for the Texico Conference and Guam-Micronesia Mission.  He has attended all of the International Camporees since the first one in 1985 at Camp Hale and has served as Assistant to the Camporee Director since 1999 (Discover the Power).   He partners in ministry with his wife Teresa (PIA/PLA/MG) and together they have one daughter who is currently a student missionary to Timor Leste.


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