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2019 CIC News Articles



"Put a Pin in It"

More than 55,000 Youth to Setup Camp in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Pathfinders at Oshkosh Camporee Fill 5000 Golden Buckets

Potomac Couple Engaged at Pathfinder Camporee

Becoming Master Guides: A Family Tradition

Pacific Union Oshkosh Special Report

Over 6000 Pathfinders Engage in Outreach During Camporee

Inaugural "NextGen" Event Affirms Pathfinders Answering the Call to Ministry

"Chosen" in Oshkosh: An Essay in Photos

You Are Chosen


Local Newspapers

Wisconsin Rapids Tribune / Northwestern

Oshkosh Herald, August 14

Oshkosh Herald, August 21


Local TV Stations

CBS Channel 5

NBC Channel 26

FOX Channel 11

ABC Channel 2



CIC Photos

Atlantic Union Photos

Columbia Union Photos

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