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Wanda Poole


In my kidhood, I was a Pathfinder and never grew out of it!!!  My youngest daughter was in grade school with Pastor Ron’s twin daughters, and when they went away, we would watch their dog.  Well, one day Pastor Ron asked if I would like to help with the International Camporee coming up in 1999 in Oshkosh, WI.  The rest is history! 

Discover the Power was the beginning of Camporees in Oshkosh, where Pathfinders could find out about the Power of Christ in their lives! 2004, Faith on Fire was Joseph’s story of staying true to his God. 2009 Courage to Stand featured Esther’s challenge to be a witness and 2014 showed how Daniel remained Forever Faithful!  2019 will review David’s life of service.  I have helped in the Vendor/Exhibitor hanger getting interesting memorabilia vendors and character building exhibitors arranged to enhance the experience of all who attend.


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