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Hulando Shaw

For the past 30 years Hulando has worked in just about every aspect of youth ministry, such as, Pathfinder, AYM and is now a member of the Northeastern Conference Youth Advisory Council. Born in the Caribbean and later moved to the United States as a teenager. During his transition to a plant-based diet he found it difficult to find anything to eat, so he decided to make his own meals. It was there his passion for cooking developed and Real Veggie was born.

His transition also led him to Amazing Facts College and then to Wildwood College of Health in Georgia. There he learnt the value of a plant-based diet and that eating healthy restores the body and the mind. Health is not just about the diet but more so about the lifestyle. He has cooked for different places such as the United Nations, Bon Appetit Andrews University Cafeteria, Laurelbrook Academy and Northeastern Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist. He now lives in Queens, NY with his lovely wife, Donna and children Nathanael, Abigail and Hosea. He spends his days doing what he loves, preparing tasty Real Veggie meals at the family Business Real Veggie Café.

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