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Steve & Erney Poenitz

Steve and Erney have served as pastoral couple in several conferences across the North American Division. While Erney grew up in the Chattanooga area; Steve’s early journey began in the Dallas/Ft. Worth region. They attended Southern Adventist University and Southwestern Adventist University respectively. Both Steve and Erney found common affection and interests that led to their marriage in 1984. They have served together in the Kansas-Nebraska, Oregon, Northern California, Georgia-Cumberland, and Indiana Conferences.

Steve’s recent assignment is with the Lake Union where he serves as Lake Union Executive Secretary. It has been their pleasure to work with numerous pastors who have become their life-long colleagues in ministry. That role was magnified as they served the pastors and spouses of the Indiana Conference in the Ministerial Secretary’s role. They value the daily communion together with God and anticipate the prayer tent contributing to a life-long relationship for Pathfinders and their Savior.

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