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Questions About Tickets

Purchasing Resold Tickets

Q: I purchased tickets from someone who is reselling tickets. How do I get them attached to my club/ conference?" 

A: There is no way to connect individual tickets to a conference. We can simply change the details of a full account which will alter all the tickets in an account, so unless someone sold you all the tickets in their account, there is no way to attach the individual ticket. Simply notify your conference about the resale. 

Q: Can I buy an international ticket if I am in the North American Division? (or vice versa)

A: No, you cannot. 

What is the cost for 2019?

A.   $195.00 (ages 9+ on or before August 12, 2019)
B.   $95.00 (ages 4-8 Staff Children on or before August 12, 2019, accompanied by a parent who is staff in some capacity, including leadership roles)
C.   Free (ages 0-3 Staff Children on or before August 12, 2019, accompanied by a parent who is staff in some capacity, including leadership roles)
D.   $65.00 Day Pass (ages 4+)

March 1, 2019 tickets A & B go up $20.00 per ticket.

Day Pass Tickets SOLD OUT, 3/2/19

View more information about Day Passes.


Please note that each Camporee ticket has a unique number to admit one person to Camporee.

It has come to our attention that some individuals are reselling a single ticket several times. Before you transfer payment, ask for a list of the unique ticket numbers in order to check that you will receive that many with their unique barcodes.

The Center for Youth Evangelism is not connected with or responsible for such activities, and cautions all buyers to ask questions, as well as confirm a secure method of payment (ie. Paypal) with buyer protection before paying for or reselling tickets. In order to protect yourself from scams, do not use a wire transfer, or Western Union to purchase tickets. If you are not sure of the best way to safely transfer money, please contact your bank.

The ticket numbers below have been used in this scam:











How many tickets are for sale?

NAD Tickets

47,000 tickets - North America/Bermuda (Ages 9+) SOLD OUT 2/8/2019

3,200 tickets - International Guest (Ages 9+) SOLD OUT, 12/5/18



If your club still needs tickets, first, contact your local conference office youth department where they can connect you with other Pathfinders from your conference who may be reselling their tickets. Second, you may also resell tickets by posting how many tickets you have available on the Camporee Facebook page. If you are reselling tickets, please follow these Camporee Ticket Resale Guidelines.


View the NAD Registration Report

All tickets for persons living outside the United States or Canada have sold out 12/5/2018. No more ticket purchases for international guests are possible.

Have your plans changed? Sell your tickets as soon as possible. 

Please post the number of tickets available for purchase on the Camporee Facebook page. Then, follow the guidelines for reselling tickets. Remember, NEVER post personal information. 

Camporee Ticket Resale Guidelines for NAD & International Tickets

Do I get a discount if I register early/now?  And if so, how much?

The $195 general admission ticket price is the same price it was in 2009. This is the ticket price discount.

There has been no general admission ticket price increase over the last 15 years. 

Can I still send in a church check, or can I only pay by credit card?

Yes a church check will be accepted as payment for CIC registration ticket purchase, however, NO personal checks will be accepted.

If you choose to send in a church check, please mail it to:

Center for Youth Evangelism
4145 E. Campus Circle Drive, Room S103
Berrien Springs, MI  49104

Are parents expected to set up registration accounts or do club directors do it?

Parents need to talk to their club director and give the money to them so that the club director can purchase the ticket on their registration account. Only pathfinder directors are authorized to purchase tickets for the club.

What do I do if I forgot my username and password.?

Call (269-471-8380) or email CYE, and we can provide you with your username.

Why can't I purchase tickets?

Either you have multiple accounts, or there are other individuals registered under the same church name as director.

Are you still giving out pins for the first 2500 registered?

No, the deadline of June 1, 2016 has passed. The first 2500 CIC registration tickets sold before this date will receive a promotional pin, commemorating the 2019 Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee and a special Back Stage tour.

A.    The lapel pins will be mailed out by April 15, 2017. 
B.    The back stage tour ticket numbers will be listed on the CIC website under the Main Stage " back stage tour information " page.

Can I use my Day Pass for more than one day?

To enter onto the Camporee grounds, you must purchase a separate Day Pass for each day you wish to attend.

Can I stay overnight with a Day Pass?

Pathfinders and other guests who have purchased Day Passes must find accommodations outside of the Camporee campsite. Please view our off-site lodging page for nearby options.

I accidentally purchased more tickets than I need. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, all Camporee tickets are non-refundable. However, Pathfinders and staff can transfer their tickets by selling them to another person.

How can I see my order confirmation?

When you purchase your Camporee tickets, your order confirmation is saved in your Camporee account.

When will I receive my tickets?

An electronic ticket (e-ticket) will be sent to the e-mail address you registered for Camporee with. You can go back into your profile and print your ticket at any time.

Can I get a promotional pin with my registration?

If you are one of the first 2,500 people to register for the Camporee by June 1, 2016, you will receive the promotional pin, commemorating the Chosen International Camporee 2019 and a special Back Stage tour.

General Questions

Will I receive a patch before leaving the Camporee?

Clubs will receive Camporee patches, from their Conference Youth/Pathfinder Director or Area Coordinators, after they have inspected your camping areas, before leaving to return home.

What off-site lodging options do I have if hotels are full?

There are several other options for you to find lodging if hotels are full.

View Off-site Lodging Options

Arriving at the Camporee & Leaving for home

When can we arrive at the Camporee?

There are two arrival or load-in-day options: 

Campgrounds do not open before Monday, August 12, 8:00am


When do activities begin?


When can we leave for home?

You can leave at 11:00 pm Saturday night, August 17, 2019, when the gates are open to exit.

Who can volunteer at the Camporee?

Only those living in the North America Division can serve as volunteers at the Camporee.

View how to apply to volunteer.

What are the dates for the Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee?

August 12-17, 2019

How are the dates for the Camporee selected?

Several factors include the location of a large majority of attendees, the NAD calendar, and EAA site availability. The coordination of each of these has contributed to the decision to hold the Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee on August 12-17, 2019. We realize that it would be impossible to choose a date that satisfies every national & international schedule, so we understand that there may be some interested parties that will be unable to attend. Thank you for your understanding.

Why is the Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee 2019 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA again?

Oshkosh offers over 250 acres of flat camping/activity space. The community is very safe with a trauma hospital just 10 minutes away. If you know of a new site equal to or better than Oshkosh, WI, contact us with your suggestions.

Can I ship supplies ahead of time to the Camporee grounds during set-up week?

View Shipping Options

I forgot something important back home and need to have it shipped to the Camporee, what should I do?

If you need to ship or receive packages for the Camporee, here are two local services that can help you. Please contact them directly for any questions regarding package sizes, costs, shipping procedures, and if they will hold your package at their store so you can pick it up.

View UPS & FedEx Shipping

How can I get a golf cart during the Camporee?

Please contact your Conference Pathfinder Director for his/her permission. Only Conference/Union/Division Pathfinder Directors can order & pay for golf carts. Carts must be ordered and paid for by May 1, 2019.


Only golf carts rented through the Camporee will be able to operate on the Camporee grounds. No personal golf carts or golf carts rented from outside businesses are permitted on Camporee grounds.

RVs and what do I need to know?

What if my conference youth director says there is no room for my RV in the conference camping area?

No Problem - There is an overflow RV camping area at the South Gate. It is a first come first serve basis, with no services such as water, electricity, & sewer. Space is limited.

What services are available at Camporee?

View Services Available

When should I book my hotel room(s)?

Each hotel has a different policy for early room bookings so you'll need to call and ask the hotel. All hotel rooms usually sell out within a 25 mile radius around Oshkosh, WI, about 1 year before the Camporee. Book early. View a list of area hotels.

Special Needs

Where can I find information about special needs services available at the Camporee?

View more information about Special Needs on the Services/Facilities web page.

I want to try out for the Camporee nighttime play! How can I do this?

View all information about the nighttime program.

I have a theme song for the 2019 Camporee. How do I submit it?

View all information about the Theme Song.

What is the procedure and cost to be a Vendor or Exhibitor?

View Exhibitors & Retail Sales Vendors information.

How can I teach an honor, activity, or have a special interest booth?

View the Honors, Activities, and Special Interest information.

How can I get packages shipped to the Camporee?


We have a couple of options available for shipping packages to the Oshkosh area for the Camporee:

1) Shipping Directly to the Camporee

You can ship packages, pallets, and supplies to the Camporee during set-up week and during the Camporee, August 5-16.

If you ship any packages, pallets, or supplies before August 5, they will be denied and not accepted.

Address your shipment as follows:

Vendor/Exhibitor Name or Union/Conference/Club Name
EAA Convention Site 
Your name and cell phone number 
1001 W Waukau Ave.
Oshkosh, WI 54902

Contact Wanda Poole Ferguson or (269) 876-7055, for more information.

2) Shipping to a UPS or FedEx location

If you need to ship or receive packages for the Camporee, here are two local services that can help you. Please contact them directly for any questions regarding package sizes, costs, and shipping procedures. The Camporee does not have the ability to ship and receive packages so you must go to one of these stores for services.

The UPS Store - One stop shopping for printing, shipping and packaging.
2080 W 9th Ave.
Oshkosh, WI 54904
Phone: (920) 231-1623

FedEx Office Print & Ship Center - One stop shopping for printing, shipping and packaging.
530 S Koeller St
Oshkosh, WI 54902
Phone: (920) 426-5580

NOTE: All times and locations are subject to change.


But what about normal mail?

We have a special CIC Post Office on site at the Camporee for you to send and receive letters and postcards.

The Camporee Post Office will send and receive letter mail.  You may receive United States Postal Service (USPS) packages only here, but you may not send packages from this location. If you need to send a USPS package, please take it to a local Post Office in Oshkosh. All postal mail and packages will be delivered to your Conference headquarters.

No United Parcel Service (UPS) or FedEX packages can be sent or received at the Post Office. See more information under UPS & FedEX shipping.

Located at the corner of Schaick Ave. and Forest Home.

Hours of operation:
Monday 12:00 noon - 5:00pm
Tuesday thru Sabbath 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sabbath - Receiving and delivering mail only. No sales.

Stamps and Camporee post cards will be available for sale. Cash only

To receive a letter or United States Postal Service (USPS) package, address them as follows:

Recipients name
Union name
Conference name
Pathfinder Club name
General Delivery
Oshkosh, WI 54902

Please Note: Envelopes and packages not addressed properly will not be delivered.

Hosting Questions

How does Hosting a club work?

A Host Club is a North American Division Pathfinder Club that commits and is approved to provide food and tents for a group of international guests from Monday evening, August 12, 2019 through Sunday morning, August 18, 2019.

International guests who choose to be hosted by a North American Division club or conference will be responsible for their own bedding, towels, soap, clothing, and other personal items. The NAD hosting club will provide food and camping space. International guests are also responsible for all travel expenses to and from Camporee, visas, and any shopping or other travel while in the USA.  

Hosts will supply tents and food at their campsite from Tuesday evening through Sabbath evening. Hosted guests will camp with their host group, within the North American Division area, organized by conferences within unions. Once we have introduced you to your host via email, we encourage you to clarify expectations and prepare to help each other make the Camporee a life shaping experience for each member.

Learn more on the International Guest pages.

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