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VIP/Hospitality Lounge



Admittance to the VIP/Hospitality Lounge is offered to the following individuals:


Old EAA Museum (behind the Red Barn Store)
View Camporee map for location.

Hours of Operation
Tuesday - Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm 
Sabbath 1:00pm – 5:00pm

What to Expect

Planning Tips

Conference/Union/Division/GC Officers Guide

Planning prior to the International Pathfinder Camporee is vital! Planning in advance will help make Camporee staff and your local Youth Department aware of how they can best partner with you to make everyone's experience superb!

We suggest the following:

Attend: Purchase your Camporee tickets.

Rest: Reserve your hotel room(s) early. *There are very few vacancies remaining in the city of Oshkosh, WI by March 31, 2018. Hotel rooms may be available close to Appleton, WI. Contact local hotels for better prices and room availability. 

Hotels usually allow you to make reservations beginning one year before the Camporee.

View local hotel list.


Arrival: When you arrive at the Camporee, first, take your printed General Admission ticket and check in at the Registration building, then go to the VIP/Hospitality lounge and pick up your other VIP items. View Camporee map.

Golf Cart Rental: 

Rental Golf Cart Pick Up & Return Information


Camporee will be sending out a letter to all Youth Directors on how to rent golf carts.

Please contact Laura Becker for any additional information.


Official Camporee Gear: Purchase your official Camporee shirts, hats, & jackets at the Staff Store, located at the Registration Building.


Connect: Offer to schedule a date and time with your Youth Director to have one of the morning Conference devotionals at your campground at the Camporee.


Get Involved: Do you know that Presidents can be involved at the 2 or 3 prayer tents at the Camporee? Contact the Prayer Tent Coordinator, for more information.


Refresh: A VIP/Hospitality lounge, located near the "Red Barn," is stocked with refreshments for your enjoyment.

Find Your Seat: Special VIP/Hospitality seating can be reserved for you by the Main Stage at the evening program each night. Ask your VIP host to reserve your VIP/Hospitality seats.


For more information contact:
Don & Barbara Livesay - VIP/Hospitality Coordinator & Assistant Coordinator

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