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Philip Riley

Philip Riley began his media career working for Discovery Channel. His goal since the beginning was to learn how professional productions were made in order to use that skill for God’s glory. He had the great privilege to work with talented professionals on numerous productions such as Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowls IV, V, and VIII, as well as Hoarding: Buried Alive, and Gold Rush.

After five years at Discovery, Phil took the leap toward ministry to work at Hope. He became the Producer for David Asscherick’s God series, Cross Connection, and Disclosure with Shawn Boonstra.

Although Phil didn’t have the fortune of being a Pathfinder himself when he was younger, he was part of Hope Channel’s production team for “Forever Faithful” which made him a big fan of the Pathfinder experience.

Phil is married to a terrific woman, Anna, and they share their home with two four-legged kiddos, Herbie and Freddie.  In his spare time, you can find Phil driving around in his Dodge Challenger and working hard to restore his old home to its original beauty.



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