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Todd Gardner

Todd Gardner loves all things tech and enjoys building radio and television stations, designing elaborate fiber, wireless and telephone networks, and coordinating cell phone tower site work. He says he enjoys a good project but emphasizes it is who you surround yourself with that makes the biggest difference. He especially enjoys working with youth and stimulating their creativity into ways to serve others and advance God's cause. Todd is the Director of Technology at Great Lakes Adventist Academy, where he also teaches Radio Broadcasting and Web design.

Over the years Todd has thoroughly enjoyed working and volunteering at summer camps, Pathfinder and Adventurer clubs, on various church administrative committees, and has been on mission trips. However, Todd says he most looks forward to meeting Jesus in heaven someday and jokes that he will have to start a new career in heaven because he thinks that God will not need an IT guy.

He likes reading the Bible, traveling with family, researching genealogy, and getting out in nature.  Todd holds a Masters degree in Business Administration and a BS in Communications. He and his wife Lynette have three children, one at Southern Adventist University (Wyatt), one at Great Lakes Adventist Academy (Logan), and one in elementary school (Sierra).

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