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Promotional Resources

The following promotional resources have been made available to you for free to use in promoting the 2019 Chosen Camporee. Making any changes to the 2019 Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee logo are not permitted.  Thank you for using only the Camporee logos provided for you below.

Print Items

Logos - Black & White

Chosen black 72dpi     JPEG image      276 KB

Chosen black 72dpi     PNG image          87 KB
Chosen black 300dpi   JPEG image     1.32 MB
Chosen black 300dpi   PNG image        472 KB
Chosen black               EPS File           2.65 MB
Chosen black               PDF File            523 KB

Logos - Color

Chosen cmyk 300dpi   JPEG image    3.63 MB
Chosen cmyk 300dpi   TIFF image     5.15 MB
Chosen cmyk               EPS File          2.75 MB
Chosen cmyk               PDF File            700 KB

Chosen rgb 72dpi        JPEG image       399 KB
Chosen rgb 72dpi         PNG image       226 KB
Chosen rgb 300dpi      JPEG image      2.29 MB
Chosen rgb 300dpi       PNG image      1.21 MB
Chosen rgb                  EPS File            2.77 MB
Chosen rgb                  PDF File             710 KB

Flyer & Postcard - Color

Chosen 8.5x11 flyer     PDF                   490 KB
Chosen 5.5x8.5 David  PDF                   993 KB

Flyer & Postcard - Color - for International Guests

Chosen Cultural Activity flyer/Postcard


Promotional Videos

Chosen Promotional Video English - viewing time: 1.07 minutes

Chosen Promotional Video Spanish - viewing time: 1.05 minutes

Daniel to David 2019 Camporee Introduction - viewing time: 1.47 minutes

2015 General Conference Forever Faithful International Camporee Report - viewing time: 1.47 minutes

History of Pathfinder Camporees - viewing time: 5.15 minutes

Bible and a Buck video - viewing time: 2.05 minutes

The Making of Daniel Trailer - viewing time: 2.44 minutes

The Making of Daniel Documentary Movie - viewing time: 1 hour and 34 minutes

The Making of Daniel Print Materials

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