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Suzanne Young

Suzanne has a passion for family, short-term mission projects and a strong desire to raise and encourage young people to have a passion for Jesus.  She loves a house filled with young people that her young adults bring home for “home cooked meals and a homey atmosphere”. 
She has been involved in her local church in many different capacities especially in coordinating and cooking for church potlucks, campouts and other events.  She has attended with her local church club and cooked for two previous International Camporees (2004 & 2009).
She is married to the warm and caring Russell Young for over 36 years.  Together they have raised & home schooled four beautiful and caring young adults, Andrew, Katie, Hannah, & Jessica.
Sue has worked (part time) along side her husband overseeing the accounting portion of their multiple businesses for the past 33 years.  She currently works full time as the administrative assistant to Ron Whitehead the Executive Director for the Center for Youth Evangelism.  One of the main focuses of CYE is the International Camporee.  Sue will be the Downline Director for Administration for the upcoming 2019 CIC Camporee and looks forward to seeing all of you there.

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