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Volunteers Needed

We are excited to promote this amazing opportunity to those living in the North America Division. Volunteers have a huge impact on making the Camporee a success. Your volunteer leadership helps example to youth and young adults a life dedicated to service. You'll meet new people and make new friends. Thank you in advance for considering a volunteer opportunity for the International Pathfinder Camporee.

Please be sure to read through this page carefully for more information about volunteering at the Camporee.

If you have questions please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

Your Commitment

In addition to purchasing your ticket, volunteers will need to make their own transportation arrangements to and from Camporee, lodging, and daily meals. As a volunteer you can experience the Camporee while sharing your heart for service.

Every Camporee staff member and volunteer is asked to pay their own way in order to be able to utilize our funds for our target audience – our youth. The Camporee is only possible because of the incredible contributions of our volunteers and with grateful hearts, we want to say thank you for your sacrifice to be a part of a great mission to help draw our youth closer to Christ.

Volunteer Ticket Cost: $195.00 US

Ideas to Help You with Your Cost

  • Contact your Conference Youth Director to connect with a local club; ask if they would sponsor your lodging and meals by allowing you to camp with their club and eat with them for the meals they provide.
  • Ask your local church to help sponsor you as a “Camporee missionary” since you are volunteering your time and talents for God’s youth. Give them an estimate of your food cost during the Camporee and ask them to support you financially in this way.
  • Send out letters to your relatives, friends, or mentors letting them know how you are volunteering your time/talents at the Camporee and ask them to help sponsor you for one day worth of meals.
  • Finally have that garage sale you’ve been meaning to host for the last three years – use the profit to cover your Camporee expenses.
  • Ask for your friends and family to purchase your ticket or contribute to your Camporee expenses for your Birthday gift this year.
  • Connect with other Camporee volunteers in your local area and make arrangements to travel, camp, and eat together to save on expenses; besides, road trips are always more fun with more people!

General Volunteer Information


Only those living in the North America Division can serve as volunteers at the Camporee.

Volunteer Hours

  • Full Time Volunteers work approximately 8 hours a day.
  • Part Time Volunteers work approximately 5 hours a day.

Background Checks

  • All volunteers 18 and over will receive a background check. The information from this background check will not be used for any purpose other than assessing your suitability for volunteering.
  • Individuals will not be allowed to volunteer if they are listed on the National Sex Offender Registry.

Children Under 18

  • If youth under the age of 18 want to serve as TLT Volunteers, they must have parental consent before registering as a TLT Volunteer.
  • If you have children at the Camporee who are not scheduled to volunteer with you, please arrange for their supervision while you serve.

Volunteer Opportunities Available

Volunteer Opportunities include:


  • General Registration Helpers - Assist people as they register at the Registration Building.

Daytime On-site Activities

  • Daytime Activity Facilitators - Run activities, pick up trash, move tables, and various other duties as assigned.

Daytime Off-site Activities

  • Sailing Leads - Individuals with sailing experience to give Pathfinders rides on sail boats with some instruction. Sail boats provided.

General Volunteers

  • General Volunteer - Help in various areas where needed.


  • Medical Personnel

  • Transportation - Unlicensed medical personnel to transport via provided golf cart, patients back to their camp site as directed by the medical staff.

  • Clergy - Provide emotional and spiritual support to staff, patients, and others seeking help in the Medical Building.

Off-site Communications

  • Photographers - Experienced photographers with large event & people photography background.

On-site Communications

  • Information Ambassadors - Answer questions, give directions, know how to use an iPad, good communication skills, bilingual helpful but not necessary.

  • Radio Station Assistants - Clear speaking voice, will interview camporee attendees, exhibitors, dignitaries, etc.

  • Social Media Assistants - Good communication skills & experience with Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook.

  • Mobile PA System Assistants - Set-up and tear down mobile PA units for events around the Camporee. Previous sound & PA experience required.

  • WIFI Assistants - Help WIFI coordinator establish WIFI connections around the Camporee grounds & troubleshoot problems. WIFI experience required.


  • Dispatchers - Experience with radio communication & need to broadcast after the approval from the supervisor.

  • Gate Watch - Secure gates into the Camporee grounds with your presence.

  • Officers - Need sworn and experienced police, federal, probation, & state police.

  • Phone Bank - Answer telephones from 911 operators and campers calling in. Log all phone calls.

  • Receptionist - Man the front Safety office window to take reports and answer questions.


  • Bleacher Coordinator - Help stage bleachers & make sure area is clean of trash at all times.

  • Charging Coordinator - Work with Services/Facilities team on charging stations & and WIFI buildings.

  • Golf Carts - Help check-out, maintain, & refuel Golf Carts.

  • Green Team - Pick up all trash on Camporee grounds and check facilities.

  • Heavy Equipment - Experience & certification in heavy equipment such as lulls, Bobcats, Forklifts, etc.

  • On-site Stage Coordinator - Help set-up and maintain area around the Talent Stage for cleanliness.

  • Shower Emergency clean-up - Help maintain shower area, inside and out.

  • Sign Coordinator - Help distribute signs as requested to areas of the Camporee by Downline Directors. Pick up and inventory signs at the end of Camporee.

  • Table/Chair Coordinator - Distribute tables & chairs to Camporee areas as requested, and pick them up at the end of the Camporee.

  • Tent Coordinator - Help coordinate where specialty tents for on-site,

  • Tool Coordinator - Help track and distribute tools in trailer as needed by crews.

  • Trailer Assistant - Help maintain & secure location of all semi trailers.

  • Trash​ - Help facilities team make sure trash is being picked up by the on-site trash vendor.

Apply now as a Volunteer!

Volunteers must be willing to work 5-8 hours each day.

There are two ways to volunteer for Camporee:

Option #1

If you have already purchased your General Admission NAD ticket, and have decided to volunteer at Camporee, please follow these steps.

  • Step 1. Email regarding your intentions to volunteer. Specify you have already bought your General Admission ticket.
  • Step 2. You will receive a volunteer application link by email.
  • Step 3. Once you open the link, enter required personal information, select the volunteer opportunities you are interested in, and the days and shifts you want to volunteer.
  • Step 4. To complete the Volunteer Application Form, click save.

Thank you for your gracious service as a volunteer!

Option #2

If you did not purchase a General Admission NAD ticket, and would like to volunteer at Camporee, please follow these steps.

  • Step 1.  Email regarding your intentions to volunteer.  Specify you have not bought a General Admission ticket.
  • Step 2.  You will need to be pre-approved before you can continue with the process.  
  • Step 3.  If pre-approved, you will receive a volunteer registration link by email.  Once you open the link, enter required personal information, select the volunteer opportunities you are interested in, and the days and shifts you want to volunteer.
  • Step 4.  Make payment.
  • Step 5.  To complete the Volunteer Application Form, click “save.”

All volunteer opportunities and job descriptions will be viewable on the Volunteer Application form. Please be sure to sign up for at least 5-8 hours each day.

All volunteer application & ticket sales closes at 11:59 P.M. July 31

Thank you for your gracious service as a volunteer!

Contact the CIC Volunteer Coordinator if you have any questions.

Teen Leadership Training (TLT) Volunteer Opportunities

If you are a Teen Leader in Training (TLT or LIT) in grades 9-12 you are invited to hang out with your TLT Mentor and other teens at the CIC TLT Headquarters. Plan to use your God-given talents as a teen leader and volunteer at the Camporee with other TLTs from around the North American Division.

Be sure you have already purchased your Camporee ticket, if you haven't, you won't be able to apply to volunteer.

Visit the TLT webpage for more important information.

Medical Volunteers Special Information

Learn more about becoming a medical volunteer by reading the welcome letter from our Medical Director & Assistant Medical Director. Registration is completed in the same manner as the General Volunteer. For more information please view the following documents and form.

Contact Medical Coordinator for more information.

Fox Valley SDA Church

The Fox Valley SDA Church holds a special worship service on Sabbath, August 10, 2019, for all Camporee volunteers only who arrive early for set-up week. Only volunteers who have been invited by a Down-line Director to come during set-up week are allowed on the Camporee grounds during set-up week. Feel free to wear your Class A Pathfinder Uniform for Sabbath worship.

Located at:
265 S Green Bay Rd.
Neenah, WI 54965
Phone: 920-727-9161

Sabbath School & Church: 10:00am-12:00pm
Free Fellowship lunch: 12:00pm-1:30pm

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