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Gerardo Oudri

Pastor Gerardo Oudri grew up in Uruguay, South America, went to school in Argentina and the U.S.  He recently obtained a Doctoral degree in Ministry at Fuller Seminary.  Pastor Oudri has lived and worked in various contexts: his ministry began in Northern Argentina in 2000 and then continued in Canada in 2002.  He has pastored and led multiple congregations of different cultures and sizes. Until recently, he served as Youth Director for the Ontario Conference and currently lives in Berrien Springs where he is pursuing a PhD in Religion.

Pastor Gerardo strongly believes that the youth are the PRESENT not the future of the church. His passion is to make them disciples of Jesus. He also believes that the church exists as a community “in Jesus” called to grow spiritually in discipleship and to fulfill the mission entrusted by Jesus of making disciples.  He considers his family (wife Paola and daughters Sofia and Fiorella) his first and most important congregation, where together they strive to experience true Christian community, discipleship, and mission.



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