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Main Stage Talent

Each pathfinder has the opportunity to be featured on the main stage with their talent. You can audition individually or as a group.

NOTICE: Our application for the Main Stage Talent form has been experiencing some difficulties this past week. Please email Linda at with your submission and answers to the questions on the submission form if you have received the error message when submitting. We are extending the date to March 10 at midnight. For those who did not receive the error message, we have received your submissions." 

How to Audition

  1. Fill out this form: Main Stage Talent Audition

  2. Addition opened until March 10, 2019, at midnight.

  3. You will hear back from us if you are chosen by May 2019.


You can also mail a physical copy on a thumb drive to our mailing address:

     Andrews University

     Center for Youth Evangelism

     Attn: Lindsey Pratt

     4145 E Campus Circle Dr. - S103

     Berrien Springs, MI 49104


Audition Rules

  1. You must be a pathfinder and currently in a club.
    (Leaders may be apart of the group)

  2. You must attend the camporee at your own cost.

  3. The talent selection should have a Christ-centered message

  4. No more than four (4) minutes in length

  5. We welcome all types of talent.


Contest Information

  1. Choosing the Talent: Each audition will be reviewed and chosen by the Chosen International Camporee Talent Advisory. The winning entries are determined solely by the discretion of the advisory. All decisions are final.

  2. Announcement: If you are chosen to appear on stage for your talent, we will be contacting you and your club director with further information for rehearsal times.

  3. Copyrights: All performances on stage will be the intellectual/literal property of the Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee to use at their discretion.

  4. Audition Deadline: March 1, 2019. All submissions must be turned in by March 1, 2019, will be considered.


Contact Main Stage Director, if you have questions.

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