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Being baptized during the International Pathfinder Camporee has been a long-standing tradition. What a beautiful place it is to make known to the world you have decided to follow Christ all the way!

Pathfinder Club Baptismal Challenge

Each Pathfinder Club is challenged to bring at least one Pathfinder to be baptized at the Chosen Camporee. Many Clubs will bring more than one. If each club accepted this challenge, we would have more than 2,000 baptisms at the Chosen Camporee! 

Here are some steps that can help clubs embrace this baptismal challenge.

2014 FFIC Baptism Video

Watch the inspiring baptism video from the 2014 FFIC.

Important Questions

How do I sign up to be baptized at the Camporee?

Complete the Baptism Registration Form

Please do not forget to fill out the Baptismal Survey.

Baptism Schedule Times

Arrival Time: 5:30 PM for Check In.

When: Wednesday – Friday 6:00-6:45 PM

Where: On each side of the Main Stage, see large screens for directions by Union.

What to Wear: Pathfinder field uniform

What to Bring: Towel, a Pastor to perform the Baptism,* change of clothes.

Photos: Each pathfinder can bring one person with them through line to take photos up close. There is also a photo op wall where you can take photos with your whole club by the Baptism Check In.

*Additional pastors will be on site if the candidate does not have a preferred pastor to conduct the baptism. 

Click here to view the list of registered candidates for baptism.

View the Baptism Schedule PDF

Baptismal FAQ Sheet

You will have a lot of questions about being baptized at the Camporee and we have prepared a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet for you to answer all those questions. Please be sure to contact the Baptism Coordinator if you have more questions after reading the FAQ sheet.

View the Baptismal FAQ Sheet for more important information.

Club Director's Information

Club Director's play an important role in helping their Pathfinders prepare for baptism. Please view the Club Director's Baptism Information so you will be prepared as well.

Pastor's Information

We have prepared important information for Pastors who will be assisting Pathfinders at the Camporee. Please view the Pastor's Baptismal Information sheet.

Sabbath Morning Celebration 

There will be a special baptism ceremony Sabbath morning to celebrate all the baptisms at the Chosen Camporee. The ceremony will also celebrate a second group: those who have studied with the baptismal candidates. We hope that every club will be represented in that group of individuals by bringing at least one Pathfinder who will be baptized during the camporee.

More details about the celebration ceremony will be posted soon!

Be a part of the Baptism Celebration!

You too could be a part of the special Baptism Celebration on Sabbath morning.

We challenge every Pathfinder club to come to the Camporee with at least one Pathfinder whom they have studied with and prepared for baptism.

How to get started:

Bible Study resource links:

Youth - ChristWise

Earliteens - ChristWise

Juniors - It’s My Choice

Contact the Baptism Coordinator for more information.

Meet the Baptism Coordinator

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