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International Village Cultural Experience

Come, experience, enjoy! New cultural activities every morning and afternoon in the International Village Activities tent. International guest groups will share their culture with fun learning in several areas or zones.

Activity Zones 

Photo Zone - dress in traditional costumes, take photos with new friends
Activity Zone - be a part of an exciting cultural activity
Play Zone - traditional games with custom-made badges/cultural items for prizes
Story & Honor Zone - be inspired by stories of faith & courage, or try a new honor
Performance Zone - watch and/or participate in traditional arts, music, & fun activities

Schedule (subject to change)    Divisions Featured                                
August 14, Weds 9h30-11h30     Trans-European, Euro-Asian        
August 14, Weds 14h30-16h30   Inter-American & Southern Asia
August 15, Thurs 9h30-11h30     N Asia-Pacific, S Asia-Pacific,         
August 15, Thurs 14h30-16h30   S American & S Africa Indian Ocean         
August 16, Fri 9h30-11h30          South Pacific, MENA            
August 16, Fri 14h30-16h30       International Parade     
August 17, Sab 14h30-16h30     West Africa & East Africa     


Flyer & Postcard - Color - for International Guests

Chosen Cultural Activity flyer/Postcard


How to Prepare a Cultural Activity

International groups with 15 or more creative people and a desire to share a little fun learning about their culture are invited to submit a proposal by email to as soon as possible.  In the email, include answers to all of these questions:

What to Expect


Get Your Questions Answered

Stop by the International Village help desk in/near the Activities Tent any time before your activity if you have questions about your set up.  We will do our best to accommodate requests for simple items such as a tarp or rope, a bucket or a cloth, possibly some photo copies. Plan to bring anything else with you – keep it simple, this is not meant to cost a lot.

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