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Main Stage Program Advisory Committee

Main Stage Program Advisory Committee gives direction and on-site support for all programming that takes place at the main stage assembly area. Members will meet twice a year, or as needed, every year, beginning in 2016.


Main Stage Program Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule 

The dates have not been set for all of the Main Stage Program Advisory Committee meetings. We greatly appreciate your willingness to set aside this time for the benefit of the 2019 Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee.


Each of the meetings below will be conference calls. Please mark the following dates on your calendar.

Meeting Schedule

Main Stage Program Advisory Committee Members

Director: Lindsey Pratt
Assoc. Directors:
Secretary: Paola Franco-Oudri
Advisor: Pr. Ron Whitehead (CIC Director)


Steve Hamilton

Jason North, Sr.

Aurelia Rivas

Nestor Osman

Richard Aguilera

Ken Rogers

Christopher Whittaker

Shawna Henry

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