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Executive Advisory Committee

Executive Advisory Committee merges all important Communication, Daytime Programming, Services/Facilities, Main Stage Programming, and Security & Medical Committee information into one committee. This committee serves as the highest authority for the 2019 Camporee. Members will meet once a year or as needed.


Executive Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule 

The dates for all of the Executive Advisory Committee meetings are listed below. We greatly appreciate your willingness to set aside this time for the benefit of the 2019 Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee.


Each of the meetings below will be a face-to-face meeting with the exception of the first one, which will be a conference call. Please mark the following dates on your calendar.

Meeting Schedule

October 14, 2015,  in Chicago, IL

Time: 9:30am-1:30pm

Location: Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites O’Hare
6600 N. Mannheim Rd., Rosemont, IL 60018
Phone: 800-315-2621

October 12, 2016, Chicago, IL

Time: 9:30am-1:30pm

Location: Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites O’Hare
6600 N. Mannheim Rd., Rosemont, IL 60018
Phone: 800-315-2621

October 12, 2017, Chicago, IL

Time: 9:30am-1:30pm

Location: Holiday Inn O'Hare
5615 N. Cumberland Ave., Chicago, IL 60631
Phone: (773) 693-5800 ($119/king room)

Use Andrews University for group rate

Free hotel shuttle from O'Hare airport

October 3, 2018, Berrien Springs, MI

Time: 9:30am-1:30pm

Location: Lake Union Conference Office
8450 N 139, Berrien Springs, MI  49103

March 27, 2019, Berrien Springs, MI

Time: 9:30am-1:30pm

Location: Lake Union Conference Office
8450 N 139, Berrien Springs, MI  49103

*Committee Members: If you have a travel budget, click here for local travel information for Berrien Springs, Michigan. If you do not have a travel budget, Center for Youth Evangelism (CYE) is happy to help make it possible for you to attend each of these meetings. Please call us to make your arrangements: (269) 471-8380. If you are coming from outside the USA, please contact CYE for travel information.


Lodging Information

CYE has compiled a list of travel information that can be helpful in your travel planning which includes lodging and food. We are here to help. If you have any questions, please contact us


Who can attend? 

Anyone is welcome to attend and offer their voice to agenda discussions, however, only Executive Committee members can vote. 

Download or print PDF of Travel Information
Committee Meeting Minutes

Executive Advisory Committee Members

Chair – Ron Whitehead

Vice Chair - Armando Miranda

Recording Secretary - Sue Young

North American Division Conference Youth/Pathfinder Directors

Central California  – Norma Villarreal

Florida - Pedro Perez

Georgia/Cumberland – Fernando Verduzco

Northeastern – Gerome Leacock

Ontario – Edwin Martin

Oregon – Randy Hill

Pennsylvania – Pam Scheib

Potomac – Sherilyn O’Ffill

Southeastern California – Rudy Carillo

Texas – Josh Murillo

Upper Columbia – Richie Brower

Washington – David Salazar

North American Division Conference Administration

Lake Region President – Clifford Jones

Northern California President – Jim Pedersen (Retired)

Southeastern California President – Sandra Roberts

Wisconsin President – Mike Edge

North American Division Union Youth Directors/Representatives

Atlantic Union – David McKenzie

Columbia Union – Frank Bondurant/Paulo Macena

Lake Union - Craig Harris

Mid-America Union – Roger Wade

North Pacific Union – Rob Lang 

Pacific Union – Ted Benson (retired)

SDA Church of Canada – Brian Wahl

Southern Union – Ken Rogers

Southwestern Union – Helvis Moody

North American Division Union Administration

Lake Union President – Maurice Valentine

Mid American Union President – Gary Thurber

North Pacific Union President - John Freedman

Pacific Union Treasurer – Ted Benson
North American Division/Black Adventist Youth Director Association

BAYDA President – Patrick Graham

NAD Youth Director – Tracy Wood

NAD Associate Youth Director – Armando Miranda Jr.

NAD Associate Youth Director - Vandeon Griffin

NAD Vice President for Multilingual Ministries - Tony Anobolie
General Conference/World Divisions

GC Youth Director – Gary Blanchard

GC Associate Director –  Andres Peralta

GC Associate Director - Pako Edson Mokgwane

East Central Africa Division Youth Director –Magulilo Mwakalonge

Inter American Division Youth Director – Al Powell

South American Division Youth Director – Udolcy Zukowski

South England Conference Pathfinder Director – Kevin Johns

Trans European Division Youth Director – Peter Bo Bohsen

Permanent Invitees

Adventist Risk Management - David Fournier

CIC Communications Director – April Romuald

CIC Facilities/Services - Vern Byrd

CIC Finance Manager - Ron Herr 

CIC Safety – Bob Wong

CIC Special Projects/Bible Story - Betty Whitehead

CIC International Guest - Glynis Bradfield

Lake Union Conference Youth Directors & Associates

Illinois Youth Director - Michael Campos

Indiana Youth Director – Charlie Thompson 

Lake Region Youth Director – Jason North

Michigan Conference Youth Director - Chad Bernard

Michigan Conference Pathfinder Director – Craig Harris

Michigan Conference Camp Au Sable & Summer Camp Director – Ken Micheff

Wisconsin Youth Director – Eric Chavez  

Ex-Officio Members

Center for Youth Evangelism (CYE) Board


Ex Officio (eks uh-fish-ee-oh) adj. Latin for "out of duty," to describe someone who has a right of position because of an office held. (Source:, Colins English Dictionary)

Purpose and Terms of Reference

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