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Points of Interest

Plan your Fun in Wisconsin Dells!

We invite you to take a quick trip to Wisconsin Dells while attending the 2019 Camporee.  Wisconsin Dells is just a short drive from Oshkosh and offers a wide variety of exciting attractions, perfect for a day trip from the Camporee. 

Visit our special website just for Pathfinders. International Pathfinder Camporee

Andrews University Pathfinder Day

On your way to Camporee, plan to spend a fun-filled, low-cost day, Sunday, Aug. 11, 2019, exploring Andrews University. This special day of activities is designed for active Pathfinders. Explore our 2,200 acres with a botanist, have breakfast at the Airpark hangar, learn from Andrews treasures in the campus museums, do hands-on projects with our architecture staff, take a hayride out to the bountiful orchards, sing the Pathfinder song at the world-class Howard Performing Arts Center, and worship together on our international flag mall. We're only 85 miles from Battle Creek, Michigan, and the Historic Adventist Village.

Reservations for this activity is now closed.

Those who have rsvp'd on Andrews University Pathfinder Day website will receive information that will confirm your spots in the day's activities.

Historic Adventist Village

Historic Adventist Village, located in the west end of Battle Creek, Michigan, shares the story of "A People Who Lived to Honor God."  The Village is a fascinating three-block experience that includes authentically restored or replicated buildings featuring the heritage of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Village is for all ages and is both interactive and educational.

"Adventist Heritage Ministry shares the good news that God cares about you.  Each historic site, in a unique way, affirms His everlasting promise that Jesus is coming soon. Thousands of people come each year from around the world to learn about the founding of a movement of people who continue to look in hope for Jesus to return." - Thomas R. Neslund, Elected Emeritus Trustee

Registration for this experience is now closed.

Creation Museum

The Creation Museum presents a "walk through history." Designed by a former Universal Studios exhibit director, this state-of-the-art 75,000 square foot museum brings the pages of the Bible to life.

The state-of-the-art Creation Museum allows you to venture through biblical history, stunning exhibits, botanical gardens, planetarium, petting zoo, zip line adventure course, and much more.

Visit the Creation Museum website for more information.

Noah's Ark/Ark Encounter

You’ve probably seen pictures of Noah’s Ark in children’s books, complete with giraffe heads sticking out the top. But the real Noah’s Ark, the one described in the Bible, was huge. It was amazingly seaworthy—a ship that kept the occupants safe during a year-long worldwide flood. Prepare to be blown away as you explore the life-sized reconstruction of Noah’s Ark.

Built according to the dimensions given in the Bible, Ark Encounter is a jaw-dropping structure you’ll want to bring your whole family to see.

Visit the Ark Encounter website for more information.

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

The world’s biggest and best children’s museum!

Over 120,000 artifacts and specimens are housed within The Children’s Museum, helping to bring the museum to life for visitors in extraordinary ways. With a rich collection history of more than 80 years, the museum has been using objects to inspire imaginations and connect generations for decades.

Visit the Children's Museum of Indianapolis for more information.

The Chicago History Museum

The Chicago History Museum Welcomes the 2019 Oshkosh International Camporee

To reserve your August 2019 student group visit, go to the website and complete an online student reservation FIELD TRIP form.

For all other field-trip related inquiries, or to check on a previously submitted form, contact the Museum’s school group visit coordinator, Irene Sadler,at or call 312-799-2273.

To receive the discounted student group rate of $6 per person in advance, confirmed student group reservations must be made with a minimum of 6 weeks advance notice.

Please note that there is limited availability for this extraordinary offer and it is a first come first serve basis. (Some restrictions apply)

Visit the Chicago History Museum in 2019
Chicago History Museum
1601 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60614-6038

Museum of the Bible

Museum of the Bible is an innovative, global, educational institution whose purpose is to invite all people to engage with the history, narrative and impact of the Bible.

The museum in Washington, D.C. will be housed in a 430,000-square-foot building just two blocks from the National Mall and three blocks from the nation’s Capitol, and it will open in the fall of 2017. It will provide guests with an immersive and personalized experience as they explore the history, narrative, and impact of the Bible.

Museum of the Bible will be an unparalleled experience, using cutting-edge technology to bring the Bible to life. It will span time, space, and cultures, inviting everyone to engage with the Bible. With three permanent sections and space for temporary exhibits, there will always be something new to explore.

To learn more visit

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