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Camping & RV Guidelines

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**This agency is independent and separate from the Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee.


Bicycles/Skateboards are not permitted on Camporee grounds.

Biodegradable Items

To protect our environment, please only bring items (soaps, cleaners & etc.) that are biodegradable.

Camping Space Delegation

All clubs will be assigned camping space based on the number of paid registrations for Pathfinders, Staff members, and staff children. This information will be available in April/May, 2019, from your Conference Youth/Pathfinder Director.

Camporee Site Location

The Camporee will be held on the same site as the 1999, 2004, 2009, and 2014 International Pathfinder Camporees. This is a 800 acre site located next to an active airport runway and offers the greatest facilities and campground for the Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee.

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Campsite Entrance Heights

Maximum campsite entrance height (Union, Conference, & Club) is forty (40) feet.

Special Note: As you build your entrance, safety must be kept in mind. The entrance must be securely held in place because of wind and camper safety. We do not want accidents due to falling materials.

Campsite Roads, Entrances & Exits

There are 4 exits from the campground camping area that will be patrolled 24 hours a day. Throughout the campground there is an excellent gravel road system to assist in getting around. All campground roads have names to assist in navigation.

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Campsite Space

The campground is flat with grass and no rocks. Tent camping area is well organized with street numbers so one can find friends from around the world more easily.

Charging Stations

There will be charging stations located throughout the campground.  Conferences should provide charging stations within their conference headquarters at the campground. Check with your local conference Youth Director.

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Only the use of gas or propane-type camp stoves will be allowed at the Camporee. A fire extinguisher must be kept in each cooking area. No charcoal cookers or wood burning fires are permitted.




Digging Holes

No digging holes or trenches in the campground or activity area is allowed at any time. NO EXCEPTIONS!



All Drones and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are not permitted on EAA grounds and airport property.

Dump Station

There is a dump station located on the south end of the camping area, near the south gate, for those needing to empty their RVs at the end of the Camporee. As you leave the Camporee you will be able to have one free use of this facility.

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Dumpsters will be located throughout the campground and activity areas for trash. Help keep the grounds clean by placing trash in the dumpsters nearest to you.

Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets will be available outside the shower houses for hair dryers and razors ONLY. Small mirrors will also be available. These are not to be used as a charging station for your phones or other items needing charging.

Electric Power/Generators

The camping area at the EAA has some electric power hook-ups available in the campground.  For sites with no electric power hook-ups, generators may be used during the daytime during the following hours: 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Generators must not exhaust into any tent campsite, as the exhaust will cause sickness. Failure to comply with this guideline will result in authoritative action.

How to Use a Generator Safely


Large containers will be located in various places (next to the Port-o-lets) for all grey/waste water (this include dish washing water). See RV Pumping for additional information.

Ice Sales

Ice will be sold from 10:00am - 7:00pm (Mon-Tues) and 9:00am - 5:00pm (Wed-Fri) by the Red Barn & West Camp Store. 

Ice pricing:
20 lb. bag Crushed ice - $5.00 each - CASH ONLY
11 lb. Block Ice - $6.00 each - CASH ONLY

Medical Needs

At each Camporee there are a few individuals that use special breathing machines while they sleep. It is important to make arrangements with the Services Director prior to your stay, as accommodations need to be made away from the club camping area. Given that there is only some electricity in the camping areas, individuals needing special accommodations may be located away from their club camping area. Anyone with this type of need will need to contact Vern Byrd at for accommodations to be made. If prior accommodations are not made, you will have to make your own arrangements to stay at a local hotel.

Motorized Vehicles

Upon permission from Conference Youth Directors vehicles will be allowed on the campsite.  However, you must have all vehicles parked at the Conference/Union campsite before the ending of the evening program on Tuesday, August 13, 2019.  After this time NO VEHICLE movement will be allowed on Camporee grounds with the exception of long-term parking which are located at the West, South and North gates only. Please plan accordingly.

Pet Policy

No pets are allowed at the Camporee.

Open Fires

No charcoal cookers or wood burning fires are permitted. Only cooking with gas or propane-type camp stoves is permitted. See Cooking section above.

Parking Lots

There will be parking lots around the perimeter of the campground for vehicles. Large vehicles (buses, trucks, cargo trailers) need to be parked in the South, North, or Bus parking lots because the East and West gate parking lots are small and will not accommodate a large number of vehicles.

View Camporee Map

Pay Phones

There are a limited number of pay phones throughout the campground.


Port-o-let placement around the camp site will be no farther than 15-20 feet from any campsite. There will be several hundred port-o-lets placed throughout the campground and activity areas.


Propane will be available during the Camporee. Also, we will have a dump station set up Saturday night of closing and also on Sunday morning for your convenience for those who do not want to travel with partially filled propane tanks.

Located at the West Gate Store, corner of Schaick and Neunteufel Ave.

Liquid & Compressed (Propane) Fuel Guidelines

Anyone using liquid and compressed fuels at the Camporee must read and comply with the Camporee guidelines for storing and handling these materials.

Read and download the Liquid & Compressed Fuel Guidelines

RVs - (Towable/Motorized Campers)

All camping spaces will be assigned on a certain number of square feet per person. Therefore, club staff members bringing, or allowing other staff members to bring RVs, will need to consider the space that will be allowed to accommodate all their camping equipment. Each club will be assigned space according to the number of paid registrations sent in, including clubs they might be hosting. *You must contact your Club Director and Conference Youth/Pathfinder Director to get permission to bring a RV to camp with a club or conference.

There are no RV services guaranteed such as: water, electric, or sewer. You should be sure your RV is self contained, meaning you have your own water, a generator, and plan to use the Pit Stop RV pumping service.

If there is no space for your RV in your conference camping area, you are welcome to camp in the designated overflow RV camping area located at the North Gate. (No registration needed. First come, first served.) Water or electricity hook-ups are not guaranteed. A quiet generator is suggested. See RV Pumping for additional information.

All RVs used on a campsite are to be 10 ft. from any other RV in any other campsite.

You can also camp off-site at a local RV park which has RV services. You would be responsible for making these reservations and paying for all RV campground fees. Here are a few local RV campgrounds. The 2019 CIC does not endorse any particular campground.

Circle R Campground
Hickory Oaks Campground
Kalbus County Harbor Campground​

*Note: If RVs are being used in the club space, directors need to let their conference leadership know what type and size the RV is, which will help them in allotting the space.

RV - (Towable/Motorized Camper) Pumping

Once you arrive at Camporee campsite we ask you not move your RV until the end of Camporee when you depart. During the Camporee, pumping will be available for RVs for a fee. Stop by Pit Stop Portables to arrange for this on-site service. View more information.

View Camporee Map

Shower Houses

There are 5 buildings that have between 60-160 shower stalls with privacy curtains per building. Portable shower houses will also be available throughout the campground. There will be “Luke warm” water available at these buildings. We will do our best to see that the water is warm all the time.

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Tent Stakes

Only regular tent stakes maybe driven into the ground in all locations of the camping area. Permission must be received from the Services Director, Vern Byrd, at before any stake longer than 6" is driven into the ground because of the underground utilities that cross the property (EAA requirement). NO EXCEPTIONS!

Water Stations

Cooking and drinking water will be available at the shower houses. You are responsible for the transportation of the water to your campsite.

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