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2009 - Courage to Stand

The EAA campgrounds in Oshkosh Wisconsin were filled with enthusiastic Pathfinders for the third time during the 2009 International Camporee. With the direction of Ron Whitehead, Camporee and Center for Youth Evangelism Executive Director, staff members, and countless volunteers, the grounds were a retreat for a myriad of activities focused on enhancing the mental, physical, and spiritual capabilities of the participants. The surrounding community was also blessed by the active engagement of the Pathfinders who donated their time and talents for the good of others.

Though the crowd gathered in the Camporee amounted to over 36,000 Pathfinders, each person received a message of encouragement as the story of Esther was majestically portrayed before a captivated audience during the nighttime programs. The Courage to Stand Camporee was a place that held many memories as well as new beginnings, for 518 Pathfinders committed themselves to the cause advocated by the International Camporee through baptism and personal committment. At the end everyone knew that God guided, protected and blessed the 2009 Courage to Stand International Camporee.

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